We aim to provide you with all you need at the clinic to save you time and get you on the road to recovery.

We stock the below items that we’ve chosen to be great quality items for upper and lower limb fractures, so have a look and choose your favourite colour or design! We’re happy to help if you need to get products at short notice.

Waterproof casts

If you need to be in a rigid cast and need it to be waterproof, then the new dry liner and wool below the plaster are used to get completely wet and dry quickly. Great for pools, showers, baths and holidays!

EXOS Casts Hervey Bay

Backslabs and full casts

In the early stages of an injury this is a partial cast or ‘backstab’ to allow for increasing swelling, but after the first week or so the swelling goes down and we can place a full complete cast which holds the fracture more rigidly. For full casts the plaster of Paris casts are always white and are better for moulding around a displaced fracture, and the coloured synthetic casts are stronger and lighter for fractures that are already in a good position. We sometimes use a hybrid of plaster and synthetic to get the optimal properties from both materials.

  • Synthetic colour cast Hervey Bay
  • Full casts Hervey Bay

Slings, splints and braces

We stock all types of kit to support all limb injuries, from upper arm braces, wrist and thumb splints, knee braces, ankle braces, moon boots and weight offloading shoes.

Captain America sling Hervey Bay
Marvel Hulk sling Hervey Bay
Ironman sling Hervey Bay
Child bear sling Hervey Bay
Shoulder brace Hervey Bay
Shoulder immobiliser Hervey Bay
Wrist brace Hervey Bay
Moon boot Hervey Bay

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