Injuries happen quickly and unexpectedly. One minute you’re fine, the next minute life has changed, in either a small or large way. We can't change what’s happened but we can do our best to make sure you get the best outcome possible.

No more long waits.
No inexperienced clinicians.
No heaving waiting rooms.
No rushed appointments.
No waiting for weeks for surgery on an emergency list.

Dr Navi Bali - orthopaedic surgeon in Hervey Bay standing in front of knee xrays

We provide an alternative solution to the stretched public system for those that wish a personalised service with short waiting times. You will see an experienced orthopaedic surgeon who will diagnose and explain your condition.

If you need surgery we can schedule this, but if you don’t one of our clinicians will take you through plaster application, splints and rehabilitation. We have organised emergency X-ray and CT slots, physiotherapists and hand therapists so you can get accelerated access when you need it the most.

Just expert, efficient, personal care, so this injury has the least impact on your life.

Trauma Surgery

Non Operative Treatments

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