Ankle replacements have been in development for many years now, but the results were originally inconsistent and didn’t match hip and knee replacements.

With progressive technology, more accurate implant positioning, and more data available, we are more reproducible with results we can achieve with ankle replacements.

Dr Navi Bali - orthopaedic surgeon in Hervey Bay with the  MAKO system for robotic surgery

The aim with any joint replacement is accurate implant positioning for the best outcome possible.

There is a clearer market leader with ankle replacements, which is now the most commonly used ankle replacement in the UK and Australia with the lowest revision rate. Whilst technology for MAKO total ankle replacements will hopefully be here mid 2020’s, we have the next best thing of CT planned specific guides that are custom made for your ankle.

Much like the MAKO, a 3D model is taken of your joint, and that model is used to guide implant positioning. The difference between this technology and the MAKO, is that instead of the robotic arm assisting with the cuts, intra-operative x-rays are used to confirm everything lines up exactly right before any bone cuts are made. The aim with any joint replacement is accurate implant positioning for the best outcome possible.

There is still a healthy debate regarding the risks and benefits of an ankle fusion versus an ankle replacement. Whilst there are pros and cons to each option, patents eligible for an ankle replacement must fit within certain guidelines to ensure we have a successful result, with age, BMI, and existing deformity playing a role.

There are 2 main types of ankle replacements seen in the video below, with a stemmed component being available for those with softer bone or with a larger preoperative deformity.

If you do have ankle arthritis and wish to consider an ankle replacement, please get in contact and we’ll be happy to discuss the options available.

INFINITY™ Total Ankle Replacement

INBONE™ Total Ankle Replacement

We have much more information to give you about patient specific ankle replacements!

If you wish to discuss this further please call the reception team on 07 4128 0736 and they’ll be happy to help.

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